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Yahoo / newspapers? “Uninspired”

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – To listen to Mike Silver and Lem Lloyd, you’d think the deal between Yahoo and the Newspaper Consortium is terrific. But to Russ Fradin,...

Hiring through networking sites

Looking for more proof about the challenges faced by traditional recruitment advertising media (i.e., newspapers / trade pubs) and the (now traditional)...

Canwest: Asper buys up, Moysey moves up

David Asper, EVP of Canwest Global Communications Corp. (and one of the late founder Izzy's three children), has demonstrated a million dollars' worth of...

ParentZone.com relaunches as regional portals

Quick followiup on the recent CIR centerpiece  on "mom" sites launched by media companies: Kaboose.com has just relaunched ParentZone.com  as a series of...

Death and new bosses as Canada in crisis

The Canadian media landscape is changing dramatically, at one of the most dramatic moments in the country's political history. Ted Rogers, founder and CEO of...

Times Online: Microsoft interested in Yahoo again?

The U.K.’s Times Online is reporting that Microsoft’s interest in Yahoo is back on the table, but this time only for Yahoo’s search business. The...

Rumors: Yahoo-Monster marriage?

Recruitment blogger Joel Cheesman writes on Cheezhead that there are rumors circulating that Yahoo is interested in buying Monster -- or maybe even vice-versa. It...

Meg and Craig as ‘frienemies’

We used to talk about “Craig and Meg” --- Newmark, founder of Craigslist, and Whitman, former CEO of EBay --- as major players in the classified...

More on Tribune’s possible bankruptcy

In an article published on the Chicago Tribune’s Web site, the newspaper chain announced it was working with bankruptcy advisers at investment bank Lazard...

Newspapers: The bad news seems endless

There’s little but grim news in a package of articles about newspapers today on SeekingAlpha.com (a great resource edited by our old friend and colleague...

‘Business as usual’ at Trib?

Following its Chapter 11 filing, the Tribune Co. has sent out a letter to its advertisers to reassure them that it's still "business as usual" and that the company...

Dueling editors

That banjo music you hear is from separate NPR interviews of New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller and Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Robert Thompson....