French recruitment startup GoJob has raised €23 million ($23 million U.S.) in a funding round that was led by Amundi and Banque des Territoires, with existing shareholders Breega Capital, KOIS and Alter-Equity also participating. The capital raised will go towards R&D investment and help the company to bolster its ongoing efforts to become a market leader in France and the USA, in addition to augmenting its portfolio of services, including training and financial products. This fundraising comes on the back of previous rounds in March 2016 and January 2020.

Founded in 2015, GoJob specializes in the temporary-employment market and currently has 500,000 users and 1,000 clients in France and the USA. The group styles itself as the world leader in digital staffing thanks to its automation of recruitment processes, its patented artificial intelligence algorithm and the digitization of administrative flows. Despite lacking a physical network, the company aims to use its technology to allow their clients to recruit better, faster and on a large scale. It seeks to improve the matching process between the CVs of candidates and the positions on offer by integrating behavioral, cognitive, linguistic and social analysis data.

In a press release, Gojob CEO and founder Pascal Lorne stated that “GoJob offers a personalized, simple and effective solution to give everyone a chance, starting with temporary staffing. After that, sourcing, matching, qualification, training, on-boarding, contracting and payroll. Technology at the service of performance and impact is everywhere with us.”

The company, which is based in Aix and has 150 employees, had revenue of €60 million in 2021 and is aiming to break €100 million this year. Its goal is to become profitable in 2023.

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