Catho, a Brazilian jobs site owned by Seek, has launched an automatic job application feature for the paying job seekers, it said this week.

The feature, known as AutoEnvio, automatically applies to job positions that are in line with the candidate’s profile and area of work.

Catho, which for years had most of its revenues come from the job seekers, instead of recruiters, has recently changed its business model, allowing candidates to use the service for free. However, it still offers a “professional plan” for candidates. The AutoEnvio feature is available under a paid plan for job seekers.

Feature is only available for paying job seekers. Image source: Catho

The candidate can choose the position and area of work and the feature will automatically apply for job positions using the job seeker’s criteria.

For the feature to work, the job positions must have high compatibility with the job seeker’s profile and the company posting the vacancy must also allow candidates to directly apply for a job, without further steps.

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