Netherlands-based digital used-car dealer CarSelexy has tied up with auto financial-services provider Bovemij to offer insurance.

CarSelexy, founded in 2014, is a national network of used-car dealers that sells low-mileage vehicles with a one-year warranty.

The auto vertical will let more than 20 affiliated dealers add the new insurance offer to a package of services for end users, according to a media statement.

“Whoever buys a car that is really as good as new prefers to insure it immediately as fully as possible with tailor-made cover. Together with Bovemij, CarSelexy can now supply this service, which will help the customer even more,” said Fred Hoogewoning, commercial director of CarSelexy Netherlands.

Auto trade association Bovag founded Bovemij some six decades ago. It now connects 10,000 Dutch mobility companies with 10 million consumers. The group also operates auto marketplace ViaBovag, virtual-garage service VakGarage and car-auction service ViaBovemji.

In the Netherlands, marketplaces are commonly operated by trade associations. Another such entity, which leads the market, is Other major auto marketplaces include AutoTrack and AutoScout24.

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